Bank financing for the US subsidiary of a foreign group: What to consider

On October 27, 2022 Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta and Douglas E. Singer will lecture on “BANK FINANCING FOR THE US SUBSIDIARY OF A FOREIGN GROUP: WHAT TO CONSIDER” organized by Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia in collaboration with Italy- America Chamber of Commerce.


October 27, 2022 4pm – 6pm CEST

US subsidiaries of foreign companies should aim to be financially independent. One important element in doing that is establishing relationships with one or more US banks or financial institutions that can meet the needs of the subsidiary deriving from its ordinary operations as well as its future development and growth goals.

However, opening a banking relationship with a U.S. bank or other financial institution that is willing to meet the subsidiary’s credit needs may be challenging because the subsidiary belongs to a foreign group or because of difficulties in meeting all the financial institution’s underwriting requirements.

The goals of the webinar are to provide attendees with suggestions on how to identify US financial institutions which might make good partners, how to present to and negotiate with US financial institutions, and how to identify and understand key types of legal documentation.

In addition, a recent successful case study will be presented.



  • How should a US subsidiary identify and select the right US bank or other financial institution?
  • How should a US subsidiary present itself to and negotiate with a US bank or other financial institution?
  • What are the key types of legal documents and other legal considerations that a US subsidiary should be aware of?
  • Presentation of a case study: Morganton Pressure Vessels LLC (Baglioni Group)



Federico Tozzi, Executive Director, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce



Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta, Esq. Lawtelier LLP

Douglas E. Singer, Esq. Lawtelier LLP

Vijay Chandran, Cauvery Group Inc.

Marco Principi, CFO Gruppo Baglioni


Hybrid Event

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