Lawtelier and CRDF Global to engage European Financial Sector on Mitigation of Complex Russia and Belarus-related Sanctions Risks

Lawtelier Avvocati Associati will support CRDF Global to engage leading European financial institutions in the area of compliance with international sanctions issued by both the European and U.S. authorities against Russia and Belarus.

CRDF Global is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes safety, security, and sustainability through science and innovation.

Specifically, on behalf of the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR), CRDF Global is coordinating a series of engagements with the European financial sector to mitigate risks related to sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The workshops will present KYC and due diligence best practices when dealing with high-risk transactions and to overcome complex Russia and Belarus-related sanctions compliance challenges such as unwinding business relationships with designated entities, managing contract liability risks pertaining to designated clients, identifying assets and entities under the control or influence of designated entities, ensuring client onboarding procedures comply with sanctions, and supporting law enforcement asset freezing, seizure, and forfeiture proceedings.

Hanz Giovanni Chiappetta will coordinate the project on behalf of Lawtelier. Hanz will be joined by Lawtelier colleagues Marika Romani and Matthew Bock.

The first meeting will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. CRDF is partnering with the Lithuania AML Center of Excellence on the engagement, which will take place on April 17, 2024. The Lawtelier team will be presenting alongside Neringa Mickeviciute of the Vilnius-based Ellex law firm.